Marshall JCM 800 lead series mkll master 100watt


“Mr Big”

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This amp I’ve had for a couple of years now, set up in my wee room, however it’s time too move it on…it’s the 2203 model, which is quite desire able, condition is good, with the only blemishes shown in the pics, it has its original thin white plastic cover, sounds exactly as you would expect, was serviced about three years ago, probably could do with another, as it’s not used that much these days, some pots are a bit crackly, the serial number is O3982R, I am off to date it now and will update later, shipping is possible, I can ship in the uk for the asking price, or collection is possible, it’s been a good amp to me, it’s my Gary Moore/ Georgia satellites jam along, with les Paul. There is a cab that will be sold separately, it’s an older reissue cab that I bought empty, it’s got three 1971 celestions and a 74 in there, although listed separately a deal can be had if buying both.