Gibson Moderne by Antoria/Ibanez


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Here’s a rare item.. A Gibson moderne copy, made by Ibanez and branded Antoria. What a crazy guitar, this particular guitar is actually featured in the Moderne book by Ron Lynn Wood as evidenced by the grain pattern and the fact it has a small grey button possibly to cover a micro switch, it looks stunning from any angle. The neck is just like a les Paul one, even has the open book headstock, before they were told to remove it, it has to be said the neck on this is fantastic with a nice dark rosewood board. There are some lacquer cracks on the top bout, plus a couple of dints through to the wood as seen in the pics, the gold has mostly gone on the hardware. Appears to be all original and comes with the fitted case and book. When you open the case on this it just makes you smile, one for the collector I think.