Gibson Les Paul classic 1995


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An early classic, when they were really good, coming to you with AA tops and a real vintage feel. This guitar has had a few changes for the better, I’ve fitted a set of old patent applied for sticker pickups that I’ve had for years, also all the plastics are from Greg Martin collectors choice LP, all the pots and caps have been updated by crazy parts de, bumble bee capacitors, this was done in 2013, this guitar was going to be my keeper les Paul but something else has just cropped up, also fitted are a set of sixties style reflector knobs. You can buy this which is quite rare as its an early one, or pay double the money for an R9 ( nothing wrong with R9’s) it’s just a stunning looking guitar, comes with tan case. There are some light surface scratches and small dints, but nothing to take away from the look.