Fender japan collectors pack jaz and jag


Take my breath awayyyy.

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Here,s one for the collector who has to have complete sets of everything, these items were all made for fender dealers, with a world wide amount of roughly 300 sets in total, it’s hard to get an exact figure, but people seem to agree that it’s somewhere between 250 and 300. The set consists of a jazzmaster, jaguar and deluxe reverb amp, all produced in 1994, the amp here requires a step down transformer to operate as it was imported from the USA. Condition wise they are all very good, not mint but in good used condition, as you can see by the pic they look great, this is how they were displayed in fender dealer stores when released, the amp has a brown cover, and more importantly the guitars have their original cases, these are hard to find now, this set would look great in your play room or store front….and before anyone asks, no I will not split the set.