1964 Gibson 335 cherry red


Product Enquiry


Here is a unique opportunity to posses an original 64 335, in the best colour with its original Gibson case, there are in the uk probably only a couple in the same condition as this, it’s been used and is worn, however it’s all original and a great playing guitar, it does not have to be locked away!!! Use it enjoy it, and watch it increase in value over the years. It comes from a private collection, the new owner will be informed of the previous owner, a distinguished and well known guitarist. As for the guitar itself here is a description as I type this.

case has seen better days, but not falling apart and all latches work fine, although well tarnished, red interior is all there and good condition.

The guitar itself is in not bad condition, there are some scratches and scuffs all over, but it’s more of a road worn or relic look than something horrible, I will try and photo them, there is a bigger patch of wear on the rear as you will see.

nickel parts are all heavily tarnished, as you would expect, frets are wide and in good condition, loads of life in them, all the nylon saddles are there, no string retainer, switch tip looks original. Scratch plate is slightly concave, again as expected, dark rosewood board in good condition, double rink Klusons all good, block inlays good with no visible shrinkage, binding yellowing nicely, no sign of lacquer cracking as yet, no breaks or damage. Only issue is two screw holes at the strap button end, from the fitting of a previous bigsby, no holes on top or anywhere else.

It plays superb, has loads of vibe and mojo, it’s quite a few numbers away from the Clapton guitar, but it’s in that era, I think you will struggle to find one as good as this, also very loud acoustically, amplified tones are where this guitar is at!!!

Im sure I’ve forgot something, just let me know. PS black light shows no new paint or damage.